College freshmen have invented a way to make injections less painful. Pretty cool.

Shots. They can be not painless.

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They”re particularly distressing for young kids, the aged, and much more sensitive regions of anyone”s body.

However, what will happen if they weren”t?

They don”t need to be … anymore.

This is actually the needle of the future. Picture via Rice University.

This new creation uses the technology found in cold packs to create ouchless shots a reality.

The needle of the future will be a whole BUNCH cooler. How? With a chemical reaction that functions like a miniature, concentrated pain alleviation to numb your skin in the quite special area it wants numbing. Less pain!

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This science team, suitably named Comfortably Numb, and consisted of of young prodigies — computer science leading Greg Allison, bioengineering important Andy Zhang, and mechanical engineering major Mike Hua at Rice University — needs to see it in the cover of every needle ever.

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That”s why this cold-pack needle issues. It”s the quickest, most affordable method to generate a fresh type of injection that puts a premium not just on administering medication, but on reducing pain.

There’s some disagreement in the area whether any type of coolant is the best approach of falling pain — but it’s a quicker, simpler, and more affordable method that could make a difference. Lotions and other external solutions are hard and costly, but joining water and ammonium nitrate in a suitable delivery system makes it way more reachable for manner more individuals.

Chilly-pack technology set to use that is genuine, reachable at only $2 a pop!

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This could make an immense difference for hospital patients who must take care of a lot.

Picture lots of pain and people that are chronically sick. Aside from the physical as well as psychological cost that occurs with long hospital stays, they prods, and pokes should get a lot of shots — all of which add as much as lots of day-to-day suffering. This modest, little, frozen twisty-top needle cap would probably make their experience a bit less painful.


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For more on the chemical reactions and to hear from the newcomers professionals themselves, I”ll only leave the video right here: