Funny Faces of Famous Athletes

Everybody knows that the camera is unforgiving and relentless. It can and will show you your most hideous face at the worst possible time. This is why most celebrities tend to avoid paparazzi, in fear that they might capture their worst angle or shot. Or, better yet, they always go out prepared so they RARELY look bad. Now, while most celebrities do that, sports athletes cant afford to do so. After all, in the midst of winning, who has the time to care about how one might look? That said, this has resulted into many hilarious candid shots that will make you laugh out loud.

1. Yao Ming


Who could ever forget this face? Aside from being one of the tallest ever to play in the NBA, Yao Mings probably the only one to forever be immortalized as a meme.


2. Russell Westbrook


What Westbrook is doing here (aside from passing the ball) is something that I really dont have the answer to.


3. Manny Pacquiao


Laugh all you want, but Pacquiaos opponents often look much worse than this wacky face of his after dancing with the Peoples Champ in the ring.


4. James Harden


James Harden makes as many funny and wacky faces during a game as he does free throws and three pointers. And, by that, I mean a lot. Most people dont mind, though, especially the Rockets since hes pretty much their go-to guy.


5. Blake Griffin


Now, that is what we call a dunk face. You could even say that if you dont make weird faces while dunking, you aint doing it right.


6. Ronaldo


Does anyone care to guess what Ronaldo is doing here?


7. Kurt Roberts


In case youre wondering, this guys throwing quite a heavy ball. But still, that face is just plain hilarious.


8. Peter Waterfield


If youre a fan of divers, youll know that faces like this are far too common. Though, you cant just help but laugh whenever you see one.


9. Matthew Mitcham


Another perfect example that a divers face, no matter how handsome or beautiful, will turn funny and/or ugly while diving.


10. Qin Kai


Further proof that #9 is true.


11. Wayne Rooney


Fancy or ferocious? Maybe both?


12. Brittney Gringer


The then college hoops star sensation and WNBA prospect clearly knows what she has going for herself. She even has the B*tch Im fabulous look going for her.


13. Lebron james


When youre the reigning league MVP, people will forgive you for your wacky faces, no matter how many and ridiculous looking they may be.


14. Usain Bolt


You know that things are about to get serious when the legendary Usain Bolt looks at you this way.


15. McKayla Maroney


This not impressed face of McKayla Maroney is one of the reasons why hell forever be remembered by every netizen from all around the world.


16. Baron Davis and Al Jefferson


Its the look on their faces that makes this image a lot funnier than it should be.


17. Juwan Howard and Pau Gasol


The face says it all.


18. Yao Ming (Part II)


And Yao Ming strikes again!


19. Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd has one of the funniest faces in all of NBA, but this one has got to take the cake. Its like hes asking if everythings all good when its clearly not.